I like the spirit of this article. Indeed, to gain depth and subtlety, one must practice Tai Chi daily with patience. In fact, daily practice produces patience in all aspects of life…. not just Tai Chi. Regular practice is the antidote to the Western expectation of getting quick results with little effort. It is this patience that is one of the truest, and most unexpected, benefits of Tai Chi practice.

Excerpt from post:  Tai chi is a bit like gardening. When you go to a chi gung or “energy” type class, there will be all sorts of little tips and tricks that you should do to ensure your “chi flows properly”. I’m thinking here of things like making sure men circle their hands one-way and women another, or making sure you do your chi gung exercises in the correct order.

Source of Post:  http://taichiblog.spiralwise.co.uk/2012/07/tai-chi-gardening.html